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Balance Botanical Herbal Blend 90ML

Balance Botanical Herbal Blend 90ML

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Ashwagandha is a rejuvenating tonic and an adaptogen which enhances the bodys ability to adapt to stress and assist with recovery from illness. Passionflower & Lemon Balm help to relieve nervous tension and calm nerves.


100% Planted Based

Hand blended in our naturopathic wellness clinic

Therapeutic dose

High quality Botanical herbs

Ingredients: Melissa officinale 10g, Passionflower incarnate 10g, Withania somnifera 20g, Peppermint oil, Glycerol, 40% Ethanol



Shake well before use. Using the dropper take 2mL daily or as directed from your naturopath. Drop directly under the tongue or dilute with water or juice and consume immediately. You can expect a bitter taste, which is typical of herbal extracts and all of their goodness

No added gluten, dairy, lactose, soy or egg. No artificial colours or flavours. Store below 30*C out of direct sunlight.

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